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Pupperdor Guide

First Steps - 

Congratulations on your new Pupperdor! Welcome to a world of simplified cigar storage! 

Start by removing the packing materials - wraps around the container, trays, and hygrometer.

Keep your Boveda packs inside their packaging until you are ready to use them! (they have a unopened shelf life of roughly 2 years!)

Opening and Closing - 

The container for the Pupperdor was selected for its strong air-tight seal and multiple locking tabs!

To open - lift up on on the locking tabs on opposite sides of the container (either first both the long or both the short tabs) - followed by the remaining sides - lift up the locking tabs together. 

To Close - line up the long sides first below the blue rubber seal - press down on the lid while closing both the large locking tabs - do the same with the short side. 

Your Pupperdor is now air-tight!

Calibration of your Digital Hygrometer - 

Remove packaging materials of hygrometer and pull battery tab to turn on. 

Open a Boveda 60g package and place the hygrometer inside a sealed plastic bag with the Boveda (a ziploc bag or any other small airtight space will work fine). The Pupperdor will be too large to use for this. 

After 1-2 hours the Hygrometer should be reading the same as the Boveda RH% - If it is not, adjust the wheel on the hygrometer clockwise for increasing and counter clockwise to decrease - one click per percentage - and press the small black button to re-calibrate.

Place back inside of bag with Boveda to confirm accurate readings.

Repeat the calibration steps until the hygrometer is reading the same percentage as the Boveda. 

Humidification and Adding Cigars - 

Determine how many cigars will be placed in the Pupperdor and open the subsequent amount of Bovedas based on the chart below and included in the Boveda literature provided inside the Pupperdor.

Place them between the trays and the plastic walls of the container - if ever your Bovedas are compromised - they will leak below the trays and below the plastic riser at the bottom of the container and keep your cigars safe!
The Pupperdor will take roughly 1-2 weeks (empty - and a few weeks more with cigars) to reach the ideal holding humidity level as the Spanish Cedar reaches the proper humidity level too. 

Add cigars roughly 10 at a time (if they have not been properly humidified) as this will keep the Pupperdor from dropping too drastically during the first few weeks. The Pupperdor max capacity is listed at 100 although technically it can hold much more - the extra space allows for proper air exchange between the Boveda, the trays and your cigars. 


When to Replace Bovedas - 

Bovedas are 2 way humidity exchange devices. They regulate the amount of humidity in the environment they are kept. When Bovedas have become dried and are no longer liquid inside - it is time to replace the Boveda. By using multiple Bovedas at once - you can extend the amount of time between replacing Bovedas. It is not recommended to recharge Bovedas as it can damage the integrity of the packet- however if you do it is recommended putting Bovedas on the outside of the trays and not directly on cigars). 


Storing the Pupperdor - 

The Pupperdor is a sealed environment and as such should be able to hold humidity in many environments. In extreme heat and cold the function of the Boveda may become hindered. It is suggested to store the Pupperdor between 45 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

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