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Why Smoke a Cigar?

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Many people may ask “why do you smoke cigars?” or “what’s so great about a cigar?” The simplest answer is “it’s a lifestyle.” Some People of the Leaf will find their way into the lifestyle through friends and family, others may wander into a cloud of intoxicating aromas and follow their nose to the local lounge – regardless, it’s a way of life that is rooted in thousands of years of tobacco cultivation, political strife and ultimately relaxation.

Cigar smoking is about many things, but most of all, slowing down. Cigars cannot be rushed – if they are, they’ll tell you, by burning improperly, harsh and hot. A person with time for a cigar knows how to relax and let the smoke roll over the folds of time.

Subtle and sometimes major notes and differences in each cigar let you get in touch with the blender – the individual who choose the set of leaves/plants/genetics to involve in the cigar. The quality introduces you to the buncher and roller who worked as a team to produce by hand, a tool for your relaxation.

And perhaps the most important aspect of cigar smoking, the community is wonderful. Most are welcoming, unpretentious, and as mentioned above “knows how to relax.” If you’re thinking about joining us, please do – head over to your local cigar shop and ask for a recommendation, or check out our beginner suggestions here, and get to puffin!

Beginner Cigar Recommendations:

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